Gift Cards Received Through Giveaways and other marketing incentives:

O.N.S gift cards received through giveaways or any other marketing gifting initiative are treated differently than a regular gift card. The recipient of this sort of gift cards should be aware of and follow the below policies when redeeming the card:

  • Only valid through a given season. Gift cards received from giveaways during the Spring and Summer are valid through 08/31/22.
  • Can only be used to purchase O.N.S products (excludes Garage items, and third-party products).
  • Can only be applied to full price or marked down items (price as listed) - Excluding Garage products.
  • No additional discount code can be applied.
  • Any orders using these types of Gift Cards attempting to use discount codes, Garage items, or third-party items will be voided.
  • Limited to 5 items per style.

O.N.S reserves its rights to void any transaction that do not comply with the policy.

For any questions or concerns, please write us at