Size Guide

Village Crew

Size Chest Sleeve
XS 37" 8 1/8"
S 39" 8 1/4"
M 41" 8 3/8"
L 44" 8 1/2"
XL 47" 8 5/8"
XXL 50" 8 3/4"


Fulton Button Down Collar

Size Chest Sleeve
XS 39 1/2" 24 1/2"
S 41" 25 1/4"
M 43" 26"
L 45 1/2" 26 1/2"
XL 48" 27"
XXL 50 1/2" 27 1/2"


Aleks Band Collar

Size Chest Sleeve
XS 39 1/2" 24 1/2"
S 41" 25 1/4"
M 43" 26"
L 45 1/2" 26 1/2"
XL 48" 27"


Rider Pants

Waist Size Inseam Leg Opening
28 30" 12 1/2"
12 3/4"
13 1/4"
13 1/2"
13 3/4"
34 32" 14"
36 32" 14 1/2"


If you have any additional questions on sizing, don't hesitate to reach out to us at:

O.N.S Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Great little purse

This is almost a perfect purse. It holds everything, but credit cards fall out very easily if left. It’s done it twice while waiting to get my credit card back from making a purchase. Other than that it’s absolutely perfect.

Bottle Sacoche (Bag Only)
Louie Constantino
A well made sling

Very stylish, versatile, and compact. It should fit your phone, charger, passport, and toiletries inside the bag.

It could hold up to 40oz (maybe more) water bottle/flask securely with the right adjustment of the bungee cord. But it does cram the storage space once the flask is held.

Note: The bag doesn't come with the strap. It is sold separately, so you can come up your own color combinations and style.

So happy!

So happy to find topologie straps here as they aren’t so easy to find outside of Hong Kong and Europe!

Great fitting and material

I usually have issues with fit but this is perfect. The material of this shirt is also high quality. It feels like a mix of corduroy and velvet

Excellent Daily Sling

It's Bellroy, so the quality is unsurpassed. It's very lightweight and I love the colour. Everything is the right size for your daily haul. Very happy with it.

Best boxers ever

By far the most comfortable pair of boxers I own. Worth every penny

Gabriel Rondos
Comfortable and sexy shoes

These are really comfortable shoes which can be paired with so many different outfits.

Love these

Super comfortable, tha fabric feels really high end

Kura Jacket
David Shaw
Surprisingly interesting jacket

Tried on the jacket in the Olive and was surprised to like it so much. It's a unique material that can bring a fresh look in your wardrobe. The model pictures honestly don't do it justice. The only downsides are:

1. The pockets are placed too far back and awkward to use
2. The jacket sizing was good, but not great. I had to size up to XL and the sleeves are a little long. I have a slightly unique body frame, though (5'7-8, 175-180 lbs, 43" chest and I work out a lot) so most things don't fit me well

Bklyn Pique Jogger
Edward Gutowski
Nice fabric choice. Very comfortable.

Fits just right. Slim but not tight.

Kirby Vase
Cole Jordan

Great vase - sturdy and unique

Village Crew Neck In Beige

I recently purchased a couple of Village Crews in beige to add to my collection. The Village Crew is the perfect T shirt in regards to quality and fit. Looks great by itself or wear as a layer. Beige is a nice alternative to white especially when wearing earth tones like browns and olives... And the Village Crew holds it shape, even after multiple washings.

Love the shirt, but can we lose the logo?

Has been my go-to shirt for years and time to resupply. Noticed there is now a large embroidered logo patch on the bottom of the shirt. I appreciate that it is thoughtfully discreet to sort of match the color of the shirt, but why have it at all then? Can we lose it? A big part of the charm of this shirt is that it does not have a logo, that’s why I buy them. And I’ve had plenty of nice conversations started by others that say “i love that shirt, who makes it?” Part of the reason why is because we are all looking for the discreet perfect tee. I don’t think I would have purchased the shirts if I knew this was happening now. Just go back to how it used to be! We don’t need to make every single thing in the world an opportunity for a marketing campaign. Love the shirt and the perfect fit and material hasn’t changed! Just lose the weird logo patch thing! thanks

Recycled cotton knit beanie

Outstanding weight. The colour yellow pops and makes a great accessory!

Suede boots

Love them!

Happy Boyfriend

I gave this top to my boyfriend for Christmas and I think he has worn it every day since. Well made, comfortable and stylish

100 ml Eau De Parfum
Joshua Trottier
19-69 Female Christ is Amazing!

I'm still waiting on a new bottle to be scent (the first was lost in the mail, RIP), but Female Christ is one of the best colognes I've ever worn. It's unique, not too overpowering and lasts a long time. I can't tell you how many people in the last year have complimented the scent.

Can't wait for the replacement to get here as I'm just about out of my old bottle!



Great styles, best cut

I'm a big guy with normal arms and I find clothing to either be cut to skinny or to cut too long. I love the ONS cut which fits normal people like me with a touch of Japanese vibe.

Bklyn Pique Jogger
dmitri denev
Best pants

great pants,beautiful color,go exactly the right size

Mar Mar Candle
Cam Nolting
Nice candle

Smells great

Mine in green

Wanted the black but the green sufficed, its a bit shlubby

Best hoodie ever

excellent quality, it fits exactly the size,the color is super, I think I'll buy another gray one

Fulton Cord Shirt

Bklyn Terry Jogger
Christopher Lech
Great sweats!

The sweatpants fit great and look neat. The feel and wear is awesome! Highly recommend.