Wrist Strap 8mm


Color: Army Green

Inheriting our minimalist aesthetic, Wrist Strap is a collection of versatile ropes that double as shoulder straps.Compatible with all bags and phone cases in our Wares System.

• 8mm width to offer comfort with heavy load

• Quick release swivel carabiner

• Durable and abrasion-resistant sheath

• Cord: 8mm polyester rope

• Length: 40.5cm
• Max load: 35kg
*Not for climbing

*Please note that Topologie Ltd. is not liable for any damage to the human body, clothing, smartphone, data, etc., or loss due to falling when this product is installed or used. Topologie Ltd. does not guarantee 100% protection for your smartphone. Scratches may occur from particles that can get inside the case. Handle with care and at your own risk.