Boheme Wanderlust Candle


Color: Havana

Made by hand in small batches, using only the finest quality ingredients, such as custom-crafted oils, cotton wicks, and all-natural wax. Boheme has partnered with a world-renowned boutique fragrance house to bring its vision to life.

From the luxurious colored glass vessels to the carefully detailed packaging, every element reflects the distinctive spirit of a singular location, making these beautiful, expressive candles equally perfect to gift or display.


TOP: bergamot, cumin

MIDDLE: date, tobacco leaf

BASE: tobacco, leather, smoke, incense, musk



TOP: cardamom, ginger, bergamot, cassis

MIDDLE: Turkish rose, iris

BASE: cedarwood, amber, saffron



TOP: white muscat grape, green apple

MIDDLE: purple grape, jasmine

BASE: oak, vetiver, musk



TOP: sea salt, ozone, hibiscus leaf

MIDDLE: frangipani, tiare, strawberry, gardenia, coconut

BASE: driftwood, white amber, musk

Joshua Tree

TOP: bergamot, agave

MIDDLE: tuberose, cactus blossom

BASE: desert sands accord, amber, patchouli, incense



TOP: sparkling citrus

MIDDLE: nag champa, rose

BASE: sandalwood, patchouli, incense, clove, white musk